In his heyday, Punta Gorda Police Department Officer Harvey Ayers racked up so many arrests, his skills were hailed as nearly supernatural.  How could one officer have so many more arrests than any other?  It was almost as though he had some sort of super power other officers lacked.

As it turns out, Officer Ayers' law enforcement super power was a complete disregard for the Constitution and the policies and procedures of his own police force.  Everyone legal practicioner in Punta Gorda was familiar with the same fact pattern in Officer Ayers' cases over and over again.  A traffic stop was initiated for some unverifiable reason -- failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, speeding by a few miles over the speed limit -- and upon the barest contact the driver would consent to a full search of their person and vehicle and drugs or other contraband would be discovered.

For years, defense attorneys argued to State Attorneys that no officer could possibly be so successful, that every arrestee said the police reports were largely ficticious -- even arrestees with no criminal history and had never been in trouble before.  Something smelled very very bad and the defense lawyers were for years the only ones who acknowledged it.

No longer.  The multiple internal affairs investigations have finally come to a head and a dangerous criminal has been taken off the streets.  That criminal's name is Harvey Ayers, and the fact that he operated with impunity, trampling the rights of citizens for years as an officer of a police force do not make his crimes any less egregious.  In fact, his betrayral of the public's trust in him makes them more so.

As our firm has previously noted on this blog, cops lie all the time.  There are many different ways to prove an officer is lying.  If you have recently been arrested, call our office for a free consultation.