The murder rate in Ft. Myers us up from last year.  Already the homicide rate has spiked.  Last year in Ft. Myers there were 20 homicides.  This year, the number of murders is as of November 7th , 2012 up to twenty one deaths.  Most have been by gunshot.  As a Ft. Myers criminal defense attorney I have seen the violence increasing.  There seem to be more crimes involving firearms.  The police seem to by trying but not making a dent in the increased number of shootings.  When you see crimes like carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, armed robbery and aggravated assault go up, you have to wonder why.

The public always assumes that it is related to drugs.  This is not necessarily so. It could be simple road rage.  In hard economic times, domestic violence increases.  More and more husbands and wives seem to be getting into fights.  Jealousy can also lead to an increase in violence and in some cases,  it is simply revenge for a prior shooting.  The answer is not gun control.  Guns are not the problem.  People are the problem.  The new stand your ground law does not seem to be making any significant difference although the press would like you to think so.  As crazy as this may sound, I think more and more people should possess firearms and use them responsibly to protect themselves from the increased violence.  The armed citizen is a much greater threat to the potential burglar than the police.  The police simply show up after a burglary of a home or burglary of a structure and take a report.  Stolen guns are hardly ever recovered.

Can you carry a gun in your car?  The answer is yes if it is securely encased.

In Florida, you can possess a loaded gun in your vehicle if it is in container with a lid ( a glove box or center console box) , a holster with a snap or a zippered gun case.  You cannot carry it concealed under the seat or between the seats.  Unfortunately if you are stopped for the offense of "Driving while black" the cops may lie and say the gun was concealed.  The truth is black and Hispanic people get stopped all the time simply because of their race or the neighborhood they live in.  The better answer is to get a Florida concealed weapons license and then you can carry it anywhere in the car or even on your person.

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